Why Jeunesse Global is not a scam


There are online articles and reviews which say that Jeunesse Global is a
scam, a pyramid scheme and is in trouble because there is a lawsuit.

They say it uses the same old, mlm, direct selling and network marketing
models, selling over-priced products which are nothing to shout about.

Do you believe enough research was done to justify all these claims or do
you think important and relevant information has been left out, either on
purpose due to selfish reasons, ulterior motives or because of ignorance? 

The objective of this post is to clarify the misconceptions which a lot of
people have, because they were not informed of the main facts, and also
to stop them from jumping to wrong conclusions.

It is completely up to you to form your own conclusions after reading the
following points or to decide to find out more details.

If you already know about the business and want to buy products or join
the business, you can read more details in the previous posts and on the
Best Anti Aging Supplements On The Market post.

There are many reasons why Jeunesse Global is not a scam and it is not a
pyramid scheme.

The main points are given below.

1) Fastest growing Direct Selling Association company in America. Inc. 500.

Business is not carried out by door to door selling or stocking up products
for reselling. It is ecommerce. There is no need to keep a lot of stocks.

People who want to buy products or do this business are given their instant
individual websites where they place their orders, pay online to the company
which will make arrangements for the products to be delivered to their homes
in a few days. You can log into your website at any time to see the money you
have earned and the growth of your business globally.

2)Jeunesse Global achieved one billion dollars in annual global sales in 2015.

The company is six years old, is shipping products to over 100 countries and
rapidly expanding to more big countries with huge market potentials.

The business is certainly not a scam or pyramid scheme.

3)Many people say this is much better than many mlm or network marketing.

Many people are anti multi level marketing because the top people in many
of these companies make a lot of money, while those at lower levels have to
work very hard to recruit many members and cannot make much money.

Some of these companies have been shut down by the authorities because
they have been found to be illegal and have caused people to lose their

A lot of people now make gross assumptions that all companies that have
many levels are scams and pyramid or Ponzi schemes and are out to cheat
people of their hard earned money.

Some people have perhaps lost their money in such schemes and have
vowed not to touch anything which they think are related to them.

They refuse to accept the facts that there are good companies although
they have many levels.

Many people treat mlm and network marketing as if they are dirty words
and will not listen to people who want to inform them that these words
are not evil but they can help them make a lot of money if they join the
good companies which will reward them very well for their results.

Do you know that a lot of this misunderstanding is caused by many people
quickly forming wrong perceptions, using gross generalizations and then
jumping to wrong conclusions?

Do you know that the job you have now is in a company with many levels?


pyramid scheme








Does this mean that you are now working in a company which is an illegal
pyramid scheme?

Do you know that even if you are anti network marketing, you are doing
it everyday?

Many mlm companies reward mainly the people at the top and leave the
others at the bottom to struggle to make money and crawl up the ranks.

Jeunesse Global has a very lucrative and rewarding compensation plan
or comp plan which is very different and very much better.

The company gives very good rewards to the people who can produce
good results, regardless of when they joined.

Do you know that in this company, there is no need to recruit hundreds of
members and anyone can make a lot more money than those who came in
earlier, if that person can perform better?

Do you know that even if you only have about 3 good business partners
who are ready to work with you to globally grow this business, you can
start quickly to make a lot of money and also help your team members to
make money together?

It is easy to start and do this business.

You can earn money just by sharing the products and business opportunity
with the people you normally meet at work and at the places you usually go
to. You do not need to have a lot of extra time to do this business. You can
just talk to the people who are interested. You should not waste time with
those who do not want to listen.

If you want to know more, you can contact us.

4)The Jeunesse Global lawsuit is not stopping the business growth..

Do you know that it is quite common for big companies to be sued?

Big companies are involved with many people and many businesses.

It is impossible to please everyone all the time or avoid conflicts
and misunderstandings.

Apple and Samsung have sued each other several times but they are
still in business.

There is no need to panic and jump to the conclusion that a company
is going to collapse because it is sued. Big companies have very good
legal teams which can solve these problems. No need to worry. Just
leave it to the experts.

5)Jeunesse Global products give very good value for money.

Many people are very concerned about their health and want to look
and feel more healthy and younger. Many young people are looking
for ways to maintain their youthfulness and good looks and prevent
serious illnesses and diseases from attacking them. Many older folks
want help to recover from their ailments and recover some of their
youth and feel young at heart.

People are willing to pay big amounts of money to get what they want
They buy many different products to help them with their problems or
go for expensive beauty and anti aging treatments.

If you compare the prices of many well known brands in the market,
you will find that Jeunesse Global products are not expensive but are
very reasonably priced or even inexpensive since they are developed
using advanced cutting edge technology.

There are many testimonials where a lot of people have happily come out
to say how the products have helped to improve their health, recover from
some serious health problems and avoid spending a lot of money on very
expensive medical and hospital bills. Many people have also said that their
lives have been saved and they are very happy that they are now able to
have good health and enjoy their lives.

There are other reasons why people say that Jeunesse Global products are
not over priced and are very good value for money.

If you are interested to know more , you can contact us to get more details.

6)Jeunesse Kids charitable organisation

The company is also giving back to society by helping underprivileged kids
in the world with food, educational and medical aid and saving them from

Their Adopt a Village Program has brought more than 650 school rooms to
many young people and provided clean water, health care and sanitation to
1 million people around the world.

7)2016 AVA Digital Awards

Jeunesse Global won 11 awards for digital marketing and communications
work at the 2016 AVA Digital Awards.

If you are interested to read more about the products, you can go to the
Best Anti Aging Supplements page.

If you want to find out more about the ecommerce opportunity, you can
go to the Ecommerce Opportunity page.

As it is impossible to please all people all the time, some people may find
that they do not like the products or the business.

However, Jeunesse Global is certainly not a scam.

People should not jump to conclusions and say that it is, just because they
do not like the products or the company. There are many people who are
saying that the products are the best in the world now and that this great
business opportunity are transforming their lives to achieve better quality
of life by improving their health and financial conditions and also letting
them to help other people at the same time.

This is a legit business that has been approved by more than 100 countries
to conduct the business which is also rapidly expanding to more countries
which have billions of people and huge untapped markets.

If you want to buy the Jeunesse Global products or can recognize this as
a golden business opportunity and want to participate in it to help people
to improve their lives and make money together to earn recurring passive
incomes, just contact us for more information.

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