Is Jeunesse Global a pyramid scheme?

Read the latest facts about whether Jeunesse Global is a pyramid scheme
and if the latest lawsuit has serious adverse impacts on the business.

Why are some people still insisting that the business is a scam and illegal
pyramid scheme? Why are they bashing the company? Why do they cast
aside all the facts that can be easily found online? Why do they refuse to
acknowledge the facts that the company is still growing at a healthy pace
and even the latest lawsuit is not impeding the fast growth ? Why are they
saying bad things and leaving out the good things that are making a lot of
people all over the world to be so happy in the business?

Isn’t it strange that there are still basher reviews that say Jeunesse Global
is a pyramid scheme and illegal business in spite of overwhelming proof
to the contrary? Why are these articles so unbalanced and full of biased,
negative and unjustified opinions that are not supported by real evidence?

Did you notice that the bashers are quick to recommend their alternative
programs after they have written the bad things about other companies in
their reviews? Does this not show that they have ulterior motives in their
bashing of other businesses? Do you think these people can be trusted in
what they say?

If you had read some of the earlier posts, you would have found that there
are many reasons why Jeunesse Global is not a pyramid scheme and is not
an illegally run business. You would also have discovered that the lawsuits
do not have serious effects on the growth of the business. The company is
still enjoying great business in over 120 countries, spreading to more new
regions and winning more awards for business excellence. It has achieved
more than a billion of US dollars in sales last year, after only 6 years in the
business. It is projected to break more sales records with the cutting-edge
health, wellness, beauty and anti aging products it has now and with new
ones which are being developed.





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The truth is there is no Jeunesse Global pyramid scheme. This thing only
exists in the minds of some people who cannot accept the facts that there
are many other people who have benefitted greatly from the business and
many good things are happening in the company. These people have their
own selfish and sinister motives to bash other companies. It is not wise to
to believe what they say, especially when they do not even try to provide
solid facts to back up their claims. Their reviews are one sided, filled with
very biased unjustified comments and cannot be trusted.

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